About Ormer ICT

CSR & Sport

Corporate social responsibility is multi-faceted. It all starts, of course, with respecting laws and regulations and in addition, for example, creating employment.

Management of the organisations

The Ormer ICT management acknowledges the principle of being accountable for the effect of any decisions made by the organisation, on society, the economy and the environment. In order to shape the policy for Ormer ICT, we have made a connection between the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations and the 7 core themes of ISO 26001. This helps us in defining the objectives in areas within the scope of our influence. Our aim is to publish a 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report in 2022, in which we will explain in a transparent way how we will take account of the social responsibility that we have towards our stakeholders. At an earlier stage, we made stakeholder analyses for our various activities and defined their interests. Where desirable, or even necessary, we will involve stakeholders in decisions while not losing sight of the interests of the organisation, society and the environment. Using the core value ‘a deal is a deal’, we give the stakeholders the confidence that they can rely on our promises, such as timely meeting financial obligations.

Human rights

Acknowledgement of and respect for people and human rights are simply obvious to Ormer ICT. The opportunities of improving human rights, can be made visible by us, predominantly by our own activities and for our own staff. Ormer ICT will not accept any form of discrimination on whatever grounds. Should this occur anyway, we can make use of signalling mechanisms and anonymous reporting locations.

Ormer ICT - Cultuur

Working practice

Work is essential for human development. It makes a contribution to improvement of the standard of living and personal development. At Ormer ICT, education and development are being stimulated. Since this is so important, we have linked the core value ‘passion for knowledge and technology’ to it. Equal rewards for equal work will be actively monitored and adjusted where necessary. As regards the working conditions, in addition to correct remuneration and a good pension, we pay a lot of attention to facilities in the area of health, like sports activities and free veggies and fruit in the office.


The immediate effects of our activities on the environment are limited and when they appear, they often fall outside the direct influence. Where possible, we will ensure separation of waste, use of electric cars and LED lighting.

Fair Trade Business

However elusive terms like honesty and integrity may seem, Ormer ICT keeps a keen eye on these boundaries. Principle is that if something, from a judicial point of view, ‘cannot stand the light of day’ we will not make use of it. At any rate, the notion that ‘honesty is the best policy’ and the previously mentioned core value ‘a deal is a deal’ already leave little room for opportunism.

Ormer ICT - cybersecurity

Consumers’ affairs

Ormer ICT offers services and/or products to organisations. At the same time, elements of consumers’ affairs are definitely applicable to our clients. Obvious contracts, clear and exhaustive education about the products and services, continuity of the systems and the protection of privacy are key values to Ormer ICT.

Involvement in and development of the community | sports

Sport is great. Great to perform, great to watch and great as a metaphor in business. Sport stands for fraternisation, for relaxation, for entertainment and, of course, for health. Doing sports and exercise is healthy and is in Ormer ICT’s DNA. This is expressed not only in the sponsoring of a skating team that aims to train successful marathon-skaters, but also in the teams that attend events like the Bruggenloop, CPC Run, the Harbour Tour and the alternative “Elfstedentocht” on the Weissensee. Since sport also plays a vital role in social cohesion, Ormer ICT offers every employee a sponsor budget, under limited conditions, to support the club in which the employee is active. Last but not least; Ormer ICT is ‘Social Supporter’ of Excelsior4all.