Ticketing event organised especially for Professional Football Organisations was a success!

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By the end of 2019, E-commerce managers of, for instance, Feyenoord, Ajax, Sparta, FC Utrecht and Excelsior gathered in the FC Utrecht stadium to discuss the challenges and developments regarding e-commerce and online ticket sales. The gathering was organised by Tymes4 (part of Ormer ICT) in cooperation with payment service provider Buckaroo.

Future developments of ticketing
An aspect that all football clubs are involved with are the solutions for the sales of fake tickets. How can football clubs start a resale channel within their own ticket environment? There are also a few clubs, including Feyenoord, that investigate dynamic pricing. In other words: the possibility to adjust ticket prices to popularity. This way, matches that attract fewer visitors can be made more accessible by lowering the ticket prices. With a crowd pleaser like Feyenoord – Ajax, the stadium will no doubt be full, but other games are less popular. And it is a double waste, because an empty seat costs money. Apart from that, a filled stadium will ensure positive performance by the team. Just think of the sentimental difference of a few hundred people cheering at you or a few thousand.

Ticketing platform
Ticketing platform Tymes4 specifically focuses on the challenges of professional football organisations and to this end, they work together with payment provider Buckaroo. Folkert De Pundert, responsible for the ticketing platform Tymes4 within Ormer ICT: “As a state-of-the-art platform, Tymes 4 was structured to meet all desires of professional football organisations. Ease of use for the supporter, enhanced commercial opportunities and efficient processing of ticketing were all key during the development”.

Paying the club
Alexander Van Leeuwen, relation manager at Buckaroo: “The Buckaroo smart checkout takes account of the supporter’s payment experience. Supporters want to pay their club and not some third-party fund they never heard of. The name on the statement, the look-and-feel of the checkout page and the payment preferences are all in line with the club. Also payment from an own domain name is possible. Instead of checkout.buckaroo.nl, the supporter now sees the name of the football club in the URL”.

Lennard Van Eijsden, Team leader Ticketing with Feyenoord Rotterdam NV: “The well-conceived link between Tymes4 and Buckaroo ensures that both supporters and back-office employees experience insight and convenience with everything related to the payments. We can now even determine the moments for collection, submit a payment request and personalise the check-out page”.

About Tymes4 and Buckaroo
Tymes4 and Buckaroo are proud partners in the area of ticketing, e-commerce and payments within professional football. The software is linked via an API, ensuring that Tymes4 customers are supported by the payment services of Buckaroo. This allows for the purchase experience when ordering tickets or season tickets, to remain close to the club experience, without an external screen referring to third parties.


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