Sports Alliance

Personalising Sport

Fans and supporters are every club or sports federation’s biggest asset. The fans’ passion and loyalty are the core of everything you do and they deserve the best you can offer. This keeps them involved in their club in the best way possible. We have been enabling this since 2002 using CRM tools specifically designed for the world of sports.

Our data management platform and services are essential for the implementation of data-driven marketing strategies. The clubs, leagues and federations that make up the Sports Alliance Community are the living proof of this. We provide end-to-end supporter relationship management tools, specifically designed for sports marketeers in the fields of Data Management, Marketing & CRM, Digital, Loyalty and B2B/Commerce.

Sports Alliance operates globally, providing services to over 130 organisations in 9 countries and 11 leagues. We manage well over 60,000,000 fan profiles for our clients and, every season, send more than 250,000,000 emails to fans around the world on our clients’ behalf. Personalising sport as we like to call it.

More than a systems supplier

Our knowledge and experience in the fields of sports and events are unparalleled. This is precisely why Sports Alliance is more than merely a systems supplier. We support our users with practical aid and advice varying from adding separate lists to the data warehouse to integrating discount codes or loyalty points into emails. Why? Because the success of our services is primarily user-determined. This is why user support is also in our best interest.