”We were able to quickly make the platform our own during implementation” – Willem II

For Jos de Kruif (Manager Commercial Affairs) and Mees Vlemmings (Ticketing coordinator) of Willem II, their large loyal supporters are key for the club with a beautiful and long history. Developing a stable platform that supporters and sponsors can easily use is something that fits perfectly with the vision of the soccer club. With the Tymes4 ticketing platform from Ormer ICT, Willem II has created a stable, user-friendly and future-proof platform for both the club and its supporters.

Stadion Willem II- Willem II Media

”We had a system that was too complex on the one hand and too labor-intensive on the other. Because of this, the user-friendliness was not at the level that we as a club would like to see. During an important sales period just before the start of the new season, everything went completely haywire, this was a turning point for us to create a stable platform. Tymes4 was the platform we were looking for. Stable, user-friendly and future-proof. They use the latest technology and are completely focused on soccer. They can empathize well with the club perspective and have useful and simple functionalities that are easy to master such as, an effective ordering and invoicing process where everyone is helped quickly.”

”Stable, user-friendly and future-proof. They use the latest technology and are completely focused on soccer”

– Mees Vlemmings, Ticketing coordinator at Willem II

The implementation

We did most of the implementation ourselves (think of setting up the system, importing data, etc.) with support from the consultant of Ormer ICT. This way, you immediately experience all layers of the technology and quickly get a feel for it. Along the way, you learn step by step how the system is built. We found this very pleasant. We never worried for a moment whether deadlines would be met. In the beginning we made an inventory of what was needed and when we wanted to complete which part of the implementation. As a result, the entire process went extremely smoothly.”

Supporters have not noticed anything

”What we find very pleasing is that supporters have hardly noticed anything, if anything, about the implementation. During the first sales period we received almost no questions and everyone could easily handle the sales process. Also the registration of season ticket holders went as expected. Tymes4 is easy to use and very clear. Our goal was to be able to explain to colleagues how to sell tickets within 15 minutes. We succeeded in doing this! We were able to quickly make the platform our own during implementation, which we really appreciate.”

”Tymes4 is an experienced partner who thinks along solution-oriented. They have good people on board with an understanding of specific challenges at a soccer club”

– Jos de Kruif, Manager of Commercial Affairs at Willem II

An excellent collaboration

”In short, the implementation simply went smoothly. We received good guidance from Ormer ICT during the implementation, which ensured excellent communication and support. Every week we planned two contact moments in which we could ask all our questions and in which problems were solved. It was also the moment when we could discuss progress. Even after the implementation we find the communication with Ormer ICT very pleasant. Initiated issues are answered quickly and clearly and we can always contact them with questions.”

”In addition, Ormer ICT also facilitates moments to brainstorm together with other colleagues from soccer clubs about general wishes and needs regarding, for example, the further development or renewal of functionalities. So also now the daily communication and cooperation is running smoothly.”

We have time again for our core business

”Because we have automated the standard processes with Tymes4 and made them more efficient, we as a club have more time to focus on sales, fan service and initiatives. Tymes4 will continue to help us expand and develop functionalities and in the meantime keep the conversations going between clubs to learn from each other. We have set the goal to structurally sell out 8 out of 10 matches so that the matches at Willem II are (sociably) crowded. Ormer ICT’s Tymes4 ticketing platform is definitely going to help us achieve this!”


Are you interested in cooperating?

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