FC Groningen chooses ticketing platform Tymes4 of Ormer ICT

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We are pleased to state that also FC Groningen has chosen the Tymes4 ticketing platform by Ormer ICT. FC Groningen now switches to Tymes4 for business ticketing and in 2021 also regular ticketing will switch to this new platform.

Important investment in the future
By starting to make use of Tymes4, FC Groningen takes some important steps in the area of user-friendliness for its supporters, while at the same time the club takes a step in terms of efficiency in the linking of data and the processing of data and orders. An important investment in the future, where ticketing is concerned.

Edwin Froma, Marketing Manager of FC Groningen, is looking forward to the commissioning of Tymes4: “Tymes4 was developed specifically for Professional Football Organisations and during meetings with Tymes4 it became obvious that this made them very well aware of the relevant trends and developments. Tymes4 is familiar with the challenges of Professional Football Organisations, which is certainly an added value. The focus of Tymes4 is on continued development and we share a progressive vision”.

Wouter Gudde, General Manager FC Groningen, says he is looking forward to the cooperation with Tymes4: “Throughout this project, Tymes4 has proven that they stand for ‘a deal is a deal’. This makes collaborating rather pleasant. The clear vision of Tymes4 builds confidence and we look forward to working together’. Folker De Pundert, Manager of Ormer ICT Software Development, is looking forward to the partnership, just like Edwin Froma and Wouter Gudde: ‘It is good to see that our vision on the ticketing in the world of the Professional Football Organisation is indeed the correct one. Ticketing is so much more than distributing admission tickets. I look forward to working together with FC Groningen!”


Are you interested in cooperating?

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