Ormer ICT gives renewed Vitesse.nl extra shine with ticketing platform Tymes4

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On 1 July 2022, Vitesse will not only unveil a new club website, but will also switch to a brand new ticketing environment called Tymes4. Thanks to a five-year partnership with Ormer ICT, the next steps can also be taken in the field of ticketing and online service, providing supporters and business club members with even better service.

Tymes4 is a ticketing platform developed by Ormer ICT and customised for professional football organisations. For supporters, this collaboration means that it will be easier to order (season) tickets. For business club members, the biggest change is that they will now also be able to manage their ticket(s) independently online, also from within the business club app. Good to know is that all existing accounts will remain active in the brand new ticketing environment.

Peter Rovers, commercial director of Vitesse: “We have set course for a digital world of which all Vitesse people can be proud. The first step is the realisation of a renewed Vitesse.nl, which has been hard at work behind the scenes for months. The collaboration with Ormer ICT is the next step. Our digital ambitions take shape with a modern club website and a ticketing platform that fits in perfectly. Thanks to Ormer ICT’s customisation, the online service to supporters and business members will be better than ever before.”

Frank van Eijsden, COO of Ormer ICT Software Development, sees that more and more professional football clubs see the value of the service-oriented and versatile ticketing system Tymes4. “We are proud that Vitesse has chosen us. The progressive and ambitious character of the club – both in terms of sport and digital – fits seamlessly with our organisation. Together with Vitesse, we will do our utmost to set up the ticketing environment in the best possible way, so the supporters and business club members will be served optimally,” said Van Eijsden.

About Tymes4

The Tymes4 platform was born out of the urgent need of professional football clubs for a user-friendly and comprehensive ticketing system. No supplier offered the software and service to meet the requirements of football organisations, specific requirements that are different to those of other event organisers. Ormer ICT took up the challenge and developed Tymes4. The only ticketing platform in the world for and by professional clubs, because they are intensively involved in the development and further development of this software as a service (SAAS). Leading are the four pillars of Tymes4: fan engagement, efficiency, data centricity and revenue.


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