Tymes4 offers a new functionality: Fanclub Management

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In Belgium and especially Germany, one will find that many football clubs involve dozens, if not hundreds, of organised supporter clubs/fan clubs. These fan clubs, for instance, sell ticket for bus trips to matches that they organise themselves and in many cases members of fan clubs will be given priority or a discount on these tickets. The quantity of work involved, for football clubs and fan clubs alike, is tremendous. Ormer ICT has developed a smart solution for this!

Recently, we added the so called Fanclub Management functionality to our ticketing platform Tymes4. This functionality offers a lot of conveniences:

  • Fanclubs are enabled to sell memberships online for ‘their’ fanclub and to, for instance, sell bus trips to their members.
  • Football clubs are enabled to provide a fanclub with an own contingent (including benefits like priority and adjusted tariffs), within which their fans can buy a ticket for themselves.
  • Fans are enabled to simultaneously purchase a match ticket and, for instance a bus ticket of their fanclub, in the ticket shop of their own football club

Adding this functionality provides a response for football clubs – also in the Netherlands – that may face challenges in the area of mobility (modal shift). Or for football organisations that want to activate supporters clubs and are in search of an answer to the question how they can effectively delegate authorisations and advantages and allocate them to organised supporters clubs.


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