Partnership & quality

In addition to all guarantees and service levels, Ormer ICT mainly distinguishes itself by being a partner for the clients. Particularly when something unforeseen occurs, it is important to have a partner that thinks along. A partner that doesn’t hide behind achieved SLAs, but co-engages, sends pro-active alerts and gives advice.

Ormer ICT is an SME-entrepreneur itself and thus understands like no one else the dynamics of their clients. The structure and safeguarding of processes is important in IT-management, but should never be in the way of pragmatic co-undertaking!

Ormer ICT - Partnerschap & Kwaliteit

These certifications show that the quality of the service provision and personnel of Ormer ICT will remain the highest priority.

ISO 9001 Quality management
Both Ormer ICT Outsourcing BV – our management branch – and Ormer ICT Staffing BV – our secondment branch – were ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 9001 certificate stands for the international standard for quality management. Besides, it ensures structured and comprehensible business operation. The ISO 9001-certificate remains valid for 3 years and audits are performed intermediately. This intermediate review ensures that the strictest quality requirements are complied with and that continuous improvement of work processes is deeply embedded in the organisation.

NEN 4400 Stichting Normering Arbeid (Labour Standardisation Foundation)
Ormer ICT Staffing BV is NEN 4400 certified. The NEN 4400 certificate represents a standard of the “Stichting Normering Arbeid”, which proves that hiring labour and outsourcing work is done in a correct manner. Ormer ICT is being monitored on the return and payment of payroll tax, turnover tax and insurance premiums. In addition, it is assessed whether the staff administration was implemented correctly.

ISO 27001 Information security
Ormer ICT Outsourcing BV is ISO 27001 certified. The ISO 27001 certificate shows that our information security is in order. In addition to physical security, also our (mobile) equipment has been secured, our staff and our suppliers were screened and our visitors need to register. Furthermore, we use strict procedures for sensitive data.