The origin

As president Clinton started his first term as president, just before Ronald Koeman’s scoring made Barcelona the winner in the Champions League final, Jan Willem Jongebreur founded Ormer ICT.

At the age of 22, his vision was that the automation-wave, still in its early stages in 1992, would require a lot of coaching. For that reason in particular, Ormer ICT became a service provider par excellence.

Soon, this service provision manifested itself in consultancy and secondment. At the start of this century, the idea arose to also do IT-management for MSE-companies. Based on proven standards, Ormer ICT offered its SME-customers an IT-environment for a fixed monthly amount. That was really a ground-breaking step in those days. Meanwhile, the entire market and even the technology have seen continued development in the direction that was initiated by Ormer ICT in 2003.

The ground-breaking idea of outsourcing of IT-services meanwhile also goes for their software development. With a similar down-to-earth attitude, software is being offered (as a service!), that fits this day and age and the status of technology. For instance with its software-platform, Tymes4 is well on the way to become a global market leader for professional football.

The Tymes4 platform emerged from an urgent need from professional football clubs to have a user-friendly and comprehensive ticketing system. No supplier whatsoever offered the software and service aimed at the demands of football organisations, the specific wishes that differ from those of other event organisers. Ormer ICT took on the challenge and developed Tymes4, the only ticketing platform in the world for and by professional clubs, because they are closely involved with the development, as well as the continued development of this software as a service (SAAS). Leading aspects in this case are the four pillars of Tymes4.

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